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The Brief: Dec. 3, 2010

State Rep. Donna Howard,  D-Austin,  and her GOP challenger, Dan Neil.
State Rep. Donna Howard, D-Austin, and her GOP challenger, Dan Neil.

Republican dreams of a House supermajority were dashed Thursday night.

The Midday Brief: Dec. 2, 2010

Your afternoon reading: Sheila Jackson Lee and WikiLeaks, talk of a pardon for Tom DeLay, and Chuck Norris (yes, that Chuck Norris)

The Brief: Dec. 2, 2010

Some House newbies on Wednesday experienced the crush of political defeat for the first time — courtesy of a box of ping pong balls.

TribBlog: Big 12 Spenders

Texas universities are likely facing massive budget cuts in the upcoming legislative session — so how are they spending the money they have now, and is there even any room for cuts? A new report offers some clues.

TribBlog: Warren Jeffs On Texas Soil

Warren Jeffs has made it to Texas. The embattled leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints — the polygamous Mormon breakaway sect whose Eldorado ranch was raided by child welfare officials in 2008 — will stand trial in San Angelo for allegedly sexually assaulting a child.

T-Squared: Donor Ask, Donor Tell

Today marks the beginning of an effort to more openly and aggressively disclose when donors to The Texas Tribune are — for reasons entirely related to their place in the center of the news — the subjects of stories.

TribBlog: Life in the Fast Lane

More than a third of Texas drivers think roadways are less safe than they were five years ago even though data shows that deaths have steadily decreased, according to a survey by the Center for Transportation Safety at the Texas Transportation Institute.

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