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TribBlog: Inflamed

The tussle between Texas and federal environmental regulators is heating up in yet another arena — natural gas drilling — after the EPA ordered a gas company to act to come to the aid of two North Texas homes with contaminated wells. Texas Railroad Commissioners fired back, calling the EPA's move "premature" and "grandstanding."

TribBlog: Inflexible

The legal wrangling between Texas and the federal government over the state's air-pollution permitting system for big industrial plants is intensifying, as Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott filed a brief in a federal court yesterday defending the system.

TribBlog: Texans OK With Some Higher Ed Cuts

A new survey commissioned by the Texas Public Policy Foundation, a conservative think tank, finds that 80 percent of Texas voters believe that colleges and universities could be run more efficiently than they are now.

The Brief: Dec. 6, 2010

Texas got its first taste of a Medicaid-less future on Friday. And the future doesn't look pretty.

TribBlog: Obama Pardons 2 Texans

For the first time, President Barack Obama granted a slew of pardons today. He pardoned nine people convicted primarily of rather minor offenses.

The Midday Brief: Dec. 3, 2010

Your afternoon reading: more conservative activists entering speaker's fray, Texas gains in the U.S. House, and a key Medicaid report

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