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TribBlog: Dewhurst: "We Will File Suit"

Texas will sue the federal government, yet again, if Texas-specific requirements are not removed from budget legislation that passed the U.S. Senate today, according to Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst.

TriBlog: Harris County Jail Controversy to Be Continued

It wasn't so much a grilling as a polite discussion this morning between Harris County officials and members of the Texas Commission on Jail Standards. Despite continued overcrowding at the county's four facilities and ongoing concerns about inmate conditions, the county is expected in November to ask the commission for permission to continue filling the jails with hundreds of so-called "variance beds" — beds beyond the capacity for which the buildings were designed.

The Brief: Aug. 5, 2010

Go ahead and quit while you're behind, Gov. Rick Perry is telling challenger Bill White for the second time.

T-Squared: The Kids Are All Right

Our remarkable crop of summer interns — optimistic and high-spirited at a low moment for our business — are the future of this thing we do. Their schools should be proud of what they accomplished over the last two months. They themselves should be. We certainly are.

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