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T-Squared: Ask and Ye Shall RSSeive.

One of the persistent comments we heard after going live last Tuesday was: Why can't you provide an RSS feed for your original news stream, and, more broadly, why isn't the site set up in a way that enables the RSS habits and preferences of your users? Done and done.

TribBlog: A Conversation With the State Schools Chief

Rather than deliver curriculum by book or even CD — one product per student — “We’re going to buy content and get a statewide license and deliver it to anyone who wants it” over the web, says Robert Scott. Much of that content will come from “smaller content providers who have been shut out of the market.”

TribBlog: Fort Hood Shootings

As news of the Fort Hood shootings unfolds, we'll be adding links, maps, audio, photographs, and other information from around the web to this post.

TribBlog: Tarrant County College sued for banning empty holster protest

“It’s both an ideological concern and a safety concern,” one of the student plaintiffs said. “Obviously college campuses aren’t some magical zone where no violence occurs, and so I feel particularly strongly that every student that feels the need to carry handgun anywhere in their lives should also be able to do so on a college campus.”

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