Ethics Explorer A Guide to the Financial Interests of Elected Officials

Rep. Terry Canales District 40 (D-Edinburg)

Lawyer, Real Estate, Ranching/Agriculture
J.D., St. Mary's University
  • Energy Resources
  • Criminal Jurisprudence
Financial Statements

Sources of Income

  • Canales practices law in Edinburg, and operates three other businesses related to his legal and ranching work. 

  • He has interests in real estate and is also a landlord.

  • He earns additional income from the Terry Canales Trust (more than $425,000), the Lyford 4 Plex (no description offered and no amount specified) and the Catalina Gonzalez Estate Trust (between $5,000 and $10,000).


  • Commercial and residential property in Edinburg valued at about $81,000.

  • He owns lots with a freestanding fourplex of residential apartments in Lyford valued at $63,700


  • Canales, who has interests in real estate, authored one bill in the 2013 session and sponsored another that would've altered contract law between real estate buyers and sellers and given buyers a right to information about their account status with their mortgage lender. Neither bill passed.