Ethics Explorer A Guide to the Financial Interests of Elected Officials

Sen. Bob Hall District 2 (R-Edgewood)

B.S., The Citadel
  • Veteran Affairs & Border Security
  • Sunset Advisory Commission
  • Agriculture, Water and Rural Affairs
  • Education
  • Transportation (Vice-Chair)
Financial Statements

Sources of Income

  • Hall spent his career as a system engineer and business development manager in the aerospace industry and an aerospace corporation consultant. He currently is the president of Professional Proposal Management, Inc., a family-owned business that advises companies seeking contracts with federal and state government agencies.

  • Hall receives rental income from three RV lots in Miramar Beach, Florida, and one condominium in Navarre, Florida.

  • Hall and his wife Sarah have various investments in stocks and mutual funds, including, but not limited to: Apple, Energy Transfer Equity, Markwest Energy, Plains All American Pipeline and Altria.


  • Residential property in Edgewood valued at $532,760

  • 3 RV lots in Miramar Beach, Florida — one valued at $67,264, another at $67,064 and the last at $67,364

  • A condominium in Navarre, Florida valued at $80,000


  • Hall's campaign was primarily funded by two conservative PACs: the North Texas Conservative Coalition, whose top donor is Dallas developer and entrepreneur Carl Westcott, and Empower Texans, run by Michael Quinn Sullivan and Midland oil giant Tim Dunn. 

  • In March 2014, The Dallas Morning News reported that Hall had nearly $165,000 in tax liens levied for failing to pay federal taxes over a 20-year period on properties he owned in Florida. All liens have since been settled, and Hall told the paper that he battled the IRS in court and won some reductions.