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Interactive: Federal Shelters for Immigrant Children in Texas

Unaccompanied children from Mexico and Central America who cross into Texas are evaluated by the U.S. Border Patrol and placed temporarily at detention centers. This is a list of the Office of Refugee Resettlement shelters that operate in Texas.

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Cooper Neill

New in TribTalk: Kennedy on Transportation

Funding for our state’s congested roads is running on empty — and maybe that’s a good thing, writes Dallas urban designer Patrick Kennedy. It's time, he says, to start changing how we think about transportation infrastructure in Texas.

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Graphic by John Jordan

The Playlist: Deeper, Dig Deeper

Because the University of Texas System announced that it would be launching a full investigation of allegations of favoritism in admissions at the University of Texas at Austin, this week's playlist starts with Santana's "Deeper, Dig Deeper."

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Bob Daemmrich

Promoting Memoir, Clinton Draws Supporters in Austin

In Austin on Friday, Hillary Clinton played coy about presidential ambitions, called her first meeting with Barack Obama after the 2008 primary "an awkward teenage first date" and said the Benghazi attack was her greatest regret. 

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