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Thanh Tan

Thanh Tan is a multimedia reporter/producer for The Texas Tribune. She previously worked at Idaho Public Television, a PBS station that serves a statewide audience. While there, she was an Emmy award-winning producer/reporter/host for the longest-running legislative public affairs program in the West, Idaho Reports, moderator of The Idaho Debates, and a writer/producer for the flagship series Outdoor Idaho. Prior to joining IdahoPTV, she was a general assignment reporter at the ABC affiliate in Portland, OR and a political reporter for KBCI-TV in Boise, ID. Her work has also appeared on the PBS NewsHour and This American Life. She graduated with honors from the University of Southern California with degrees in International Relations and Broadcast Journalism.

Recent Contributions

Graphic by Ryan Murphy / Siddhartha Lammata / Todd Wiseman

Interactive: Shortage of Texas Psychiatrists

While more Texans are being diagnosed with mental illness every year, experts say there aren't enough psychiatrists or behavioral health professionals to meet growing demand. Use our video and interactive county-by-county maps to find out why. 

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Illustration by Todd Wiseman / Gage Skidmore

Paul Campaign Rejects Third-Party Buzz

Ron Paul denies he is interested in a third-party candidacy, despite having left the door open in a recent interview. But longtime GOP strategist Mark McKinnon believes the two-party system will be tested in 2012 — and that Paul could do it. 

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Video: Despite Surge in Polls, Paul Still GOP Underdog

Just four weeks away from the Iowa caucuses, Texas Congressman Ron Paul is sitting near the top of several polls. Even with his large war chest and loyal base, many still doubt that he could be the Republican presidential nominee. The Tribune's Thanh Tan explains why. 


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Bob Daemmrich

Video: Understanding the Redistricting Battle

Redistricting. It's a long process all about drawing lines that determine elections and which political party is in power in Texas. Months after the Legislature established its maps, it's still not clear who Texans will be voting for in next year's congressional and state House and Senate races. The Trib's Thanh Tan and Ross Ramsey explain why.

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