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Ryan Murphy

Ryan Murphy creates graphics, interactive stories and data-driven features, wrangles difficult datasets and works on tools to make development for the team more efficient. He also oversees the design and maintenance of our large-scale explorers.

Recent Contributions

Illustration by Emily Albracht, Shelby Knowles

Explore the 2016 Texas Elections Runoff Ballot

Texas held its Democratic and Republican primaries on March 1. In 22 races, no candidate won a majority of votes; the top two finishers from each of those races will meet in May 24 runoff elections. Explore the current state of this year's elections here.

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Graphic by Todd WIseman

Who's Running in the 2016 Texas Primaries? Get Your Answers Here

The ballots for 2016’s Republican and Democratic primary elections are set — for the most part. Here's an unofficial list of who has filed to run. The parties are finishing up their work and getting official versions to the state. We'll update and finish our list as they finish theirs.

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