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Eva Hershaw is an intern at the Texas Tribune. In the two years before arriving to the Tribune, she worked as a freelance journalist for VICE News, The Christian Science Monitor, The Atlantic online, and Al Jazeera America in Mexico and Brazil. Born in Idaho and raised in eastern Washington State, she holds graduate degrees in journalism and Latin American studies from the University of Texas.

Recent Contributions

Caleb Bryant Miller

Senate Backs House on In-Person Inmate Visitation

Inmates in some Texas county jails may no longer have to speak to loved ones on a video screen, after the Senate voted Monday to pass a House measure guaranteeing a minimum of two 20-minute, in-person visitations per week. 

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Mark Graham

Contracting Experiment Drawing Mixed Reviews

After four years of trying out a new way of awarding state contracts known as design-build, lawmakers aren't sure taxpayers get a better deal, and Texas businesses say they're being muscled out of jobs by larger, out-of-state companies. 

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Bob Daemmrich

Senate OKs Sealing More Criminal Records

The criminal records of one-time offenders who stay out of trouble would be sealed and hidden from the public under a bill that cleared the Senate Tuesday. Supporters call it a second chance, but critics fear unknowing employers will pay the price. 

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