Daniel Levitt

Daniel Levitt is the Tribune's data visuals fellow. Originally from the UK, he recently obtained his master's degree in data journalism from The University of Missouri, and spent most of 2017 in New York working for Bloomberg and FiveThirtyEight. Aside from religiously watching the NBA (Toronto Raptors) and college basketball (Wichita State), Daniel's obsessed with severe weather and the impacts it has on society. Outside of the newsroom, you'll likely find him reading a book on a park bench while soaking up the sunshine.

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As cities sprawl, more Texans are exposed to tornadoes

Texas' population has grown faster than any other large state's this decade, and when it comes to tornadoes, that growth poses an increased threat to residents. The Dallas-Fort Worth tornado outbreak on April 3, 2012, was just one example of how much damage can be done to expanding metropolitan areas.

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