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Becca Aaronson

Becca Aaronson ensures that our technology products align with our audience and brand objectives. As a member of the engineering team, she helps maintain and improve the Tribune's website, coordinates cross-departmental projects and conducts user research to improve reader experience. Becca joined the Tribune in 2010 as a journalist, and covered health care from 2012-2014. A founding member of the Tribune’s interactive data and visuals team, Becca developed interactive feature stories for the Tribune before moving to her current position. She has a bachelor’s degree in cultural theory from Scripps College in Claremont, Calif.

Recent Contributions

Graphic by Todd Wiseman / Becca Aaronson

Interactive: Weighing Medicaid Expansion

As they contemplate whether to expand Medicaid, Texas lawmakers will weigh factors including enrollment growth, costs and savings, and the effects on the rate of insured. This interactive breaks down the numbers connected to those factors. 

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Mark Graham

Medicaid Waiver Presents Structuring Challenges

Health care providers across Texas are submitting proposals to transform the way they care for the poor and uninsured. But the complicated bureaucratic process for achieving these lofty goals to transform the system has led to disagreements over how to distribute money.

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