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Watch a conversation on the U.S.-Mexico border and the election

In a virtual event held in partnership with ProPublica, we discussed landmark federal policy shifts that precipitated last year’s deadly Juárez detention center fire, and how immigration is shaping the presidential election.

Perla Trevizo: We’ve been hearing a lot about a crisis — Biden’s crisis, the border crisis. Is there really a crisis, and what do we mean by that?

Trevizo: We’ve recently seen a significant drop in border apprehensions or encounters, which is not common for this time of the year. We’re hearing a lot about numbers going up or down and Mexico’s role in it. What do these numbers tell us?

Trevizo: What would a more orderly process look like?

Trevizo: When you talk to the administration or when you hear Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas talk, they do point to legal pathways: the CBP One App, humanitarian parole, more guest worker visas. The administration was moving in that direction, but we’re still seeing record numbers. What happened?

Trevizo: The Senate recently revived a failed immigration bill, but once again, Congress tanked the bill. If it had passed, what would it have done?

Trevizo: Immigration is a top issue for voters. On the one hand, Biden has tightened his position on immigration. On the other hand, you have Trump saying that he would call for mass deportations. Heading into November, what do you expect to see around immigration?

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