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Here’s how to vote in Texas’ Nov. 8 midterm elections

The deadline to register to vote was Oct. 11. The last day to apply to vote by mail was Oct. 28. Early voting ran from Oct. 24 to Nov. 4.

Graphic that reads, "Voter Guide" above a collection of voting stickers.

What’s on the ballot?

What you can expect from our elections coverage

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  • How we hold officials accountable

  • How we choose what races to cover

  • How we cover misinformation

What dates do I need to know?

How do I check if I’m registered to vote?

When do I need to drop off or mail an application?

What is the deadline to mail my ballot?

Who is eligible to vote early?

Where am I allowed to vote early?  

Are polling locations the same on Election Day as they are during early voting?  

What do I need to know about voter registration requirements?

Who can register to vote in Texas?

How do I register to vote?

Do you have to reregister to vote?

What if I moved after the voter registration deadline?

What do I do if I run into issues with my voter registration?

What do I need to know about mail-in voting?

How do I know if I’m eligible to vote by mail?  

What identification do I need to vote by mail?

Does lack of immunity to COVID-19 qualify as a disability during the pandemic?

What kind of postage do I need to return my mail-in ballot?

What if there’s an issue with my mail-in ballot?

What do I need to know about going to the polls?

How can I find which polling places are near me?

What form of ID do I need to bring?

What if I don’t have a valid photo ID?  

What does the pandemic mean for voting in this election?

What if I was planning to vote in person, but I have been diagnosed with COVID-19?  

How can I make sure my ballot is counted?

How do I know if my provisional ballot was counted?

What about regular ballots?

What voter data is public?

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