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Texas Abortion Restrictions

The Supreme Court will hear arguments over Texas’ near-total abortion ban Monday. Here’s what you need to know.

The high court’s proceedings will focus on how Senate Bill 8 is enforced. It’s hard to predict what the court could decide, but its ruling will likely determine the future of abortion care in Texas and shape the legal battles to come.

People take photos as a group of children listen to a tour guide at the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. on Sept. 21, 2021.

What’s the story with Texas’ abortion law? And why is it so controversial?

Is this hearing about Roe v. Wade or abortion rights?

What is the Supreme Court ruling on then?

What’s so special about how SB 8 is enforced? What makes it so hard to challenge in courts?

How could this case affect the battle for abortion access in the state?

What does the situation look like on the ground?

What does the schedule look like for these cases? When will the court issue a decision?

Are there any other lawsuits related to SB 8?

Are there any other cases related to abortion before the Supreme Court?

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