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Texas 2020 Elections

Early voting is underway in Texas. Here's what you need to know.

Early voting will last for 10 days, ending Feb. 28. The primary is March 3.

Texas 2020 Elections

The last day to register to vote in Texas is Oct. 5. The last day to request a ballot to vote by mail is Oct. 23. Early voting starts on Oct. 13 and ends Oct. 30. Learn more about voting by mail, check out our guide on voting during the pandemic and bookmark your Texas ballot.

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Early voting starts Tuesday in Texas, with polls opening up across the state for voters to cast their ballots in the March primary.

Early voting will last for 10 days, ending Feb. 28. For Texans who don't want to cast their ballots early, the state’s primary election day is March 3.

Texas is one of 14 states participating in the Super Tuesday primary. This year's primary ballot includes much more than just the presidential primary, which is sure to be a top draw for Democratic voters.

Voting in Texas

  • When was the last day to register to vote?

  • When can I vote early?

  • How will voting be different because of the pandemic?

  • How do I know if I qualify to vote by mail?

  • Are polling locations the same on Election Day as they are during early voting?

  • Can I still vote if I have COVID-19?

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Voters can cast ballots in either the Democratic or Republican primary, or go to third-party conventions later this year. Voters will weigh in on congressional, legislative, judicial and State Board of Education primaries. There are hundreds of candidates vying for positions across the state, so check out The Texas Tribune's primary election ballot guide for more.

If a primary race ends in a runoff, the runoff election is on May 25, when voters will choose between the top two vote-getters.

But in order to cast a vote at the polls, voters will need to be eligible and know where to go. The Tribune's voter guide tells you how to find polling places nearby, what you need to take to the polls and answers to some quick questions. Important things to note: Voters need to take some form of ID, the last day to apply for a ballot by mail is Feb. 21, and wearing campaign gear at the polls is illegal.

Here are some other resources before you vote:

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