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Three Texas inmates have died at the hands of prison officers as use of force continues to rise

The increase in altercations with inmates comes as Texas' prison population dwindles. In three years, three officers have faced criminal charges in prisoners' deaths.

Birds fly overhead at the Hilltop prison unit in Gatesville, Texas, Nov. 25, 2019.
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Challenges in prosecution

“We feel like it is our job to make sure that this story gets told, so that this story doesn’t die in the dark part of a prison.”

— Jack Choate, leader of the state's Special Prosecution Unit

A right to force

From left: Lou Joffrion, a prison sergeant tried in death of inmate David Witt.
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"Crisis mode"

Frank Diggs was murdered in prison.

Never the same

From left: Prison officer D'Andre Glasper, facing charges in death of inmate Gary Ryan.

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