In Harvey's Wake

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Across Southeast Texas and along much of the Texas Gulf Coast, residents are returning to cities devastated by Hurricane Harvey. And flooding still remained in some areas of the state 10 days after Harvey first hit the Texas coast on Aug. 25.

Gov. Greg Abbott has said the cost of storm recovery could reach $180 billion in federal funds, a total that would be $60 billion more than what was needed for recovery efforts after Hurricane Katrina.

Texans will be dealing with the Harvey's aftermath for a long time to come. But they've already started the process of ripping out drywall and floors from homes, discarding water-damaged furniture and ruined possessions, clearing debris, and helping their neighbors.

Here's a look at just some of what Texans are dealing with after Harvey. To see captions, press the "i" on the status bar of the slideshow.

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