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"Bathroom bill" hearing went past this 7-year-old's bedtime. Here's what she wanted to say.

Listen to what a 7-year-old transgender girl had planned to say last week during a Texas House State Affairs Committee hearing on a bill that would regulate bathroom use for transgender Texans.

The Gonzales family — Frank, Rachel and daughter Libby — attended a rally during Texas Trans Lobby Day at the Texas Capitol on March 6, 2017.

By the time the Gonzales family was called up to testify, Libby had fallen asleep.

The 7-year-old transgender girl had spent hours last week at the Texas Capitol with her parents, waiting for the opportunity to explain to lawmakers how she would be deeply affected by a "bathroom bill." Citing privacy and safety concerns, some Texas Republicans are pushing for legislation to regulate bathroom use for transgender Texans.

After a long day on the floor, it wasn’t until almost 2 a.m. Thursday that the Gonzales family finally got three minutes before the House State Affairs Committee.

Libby was asleep in her father’s arms by then, so instead her parents pleaded with lawmakers to keep their child safe. In her own words, here is the testimony Libby had prepared for the committee:

Transcript: “My name is Libby Gonzales. I am seven years old, and I am transgender. I love my school and my friends, and they love me, too. I don’t want to be scared to go to the bathroom or anywhere public. And I never ever want to use the boys' bathroom. It would be gross and weird. Please keep me safe.”

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