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The Brief: How do Texans really feel about Donald Trump?

Texas Republicans like Donald Trump — a lot. More than 80 percent of Republicans surveyed in the latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll approve of Trump's work so far.

Then a candidate for president, Donald Trump rallied a crowd of veterans at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, on Jan. 28, 2016 — just ahead of that state's presidential caucuses.

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How do Texans really feel about Donald Trump?
Spoiler: Texan Republicans love him. 

With Donald Trump as president, Texas Republicans have a brighter outlook
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Federal judge sanctions Texas in voter registration lawsuit
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What you need to know

Texas Republicans like President Donald Trump — a lot. More than 80 percent of Republicans surveyed in the latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll approve of Trump's work so far. 

  • Texas Democrats have had an equally strong but opposite reaction. Eighty-five percent of Democrats surveyed disapprove of Trump. 
  • Overall, 50 percent of Texans surveyed say Trump is not honest. Among Republicans, 70 percent said Trump is trustworthy. Just 6 percent of Democrats agree. 
  • Meanwhile, Trump may be boosting the popularity of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin's negatives are 28 points higher among Texas Democrats than they are among Republicans.

Read more about the poll and its methodology here

News from home

Help us report on sex trafficking in Texas: Over the past five months, The Texas Tribune has investigated the hidden world of sex trafficking. Now, we want to hear about your experiences.

Ask Texas Tribune journalists Neena Satija, Morgan Smith and Edgar Walters about our investigation into sex trafficking in Texas by joining us for a Feb. 21 Reddit "Ask Me Anything" chat with a former child welfare investigator.

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Join us in person or online Thursday for a conversation with state Rep. John Zerwas, chairman of the House Appropriations Committee.

Quote to note

"Yet on each occasion that the president pulls a “Donald,” the mainstream media remains inclined to chase after the shiny object — his authoritarian style — rather than focus attention on matters of substance."

— Kevin Buckler, associate professor at the University of Houston, about asset forfeiture via TribTalk

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