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Patrick: I'm Not Running Against Abbott in 2018

Immediately after wrapping up the legislative session Monday, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said that he would never run against Greg Abbott for governor. "This will be my last position," the lieutenant governor said.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick spoke to reporters after the Texas Senate wrapped up the 84th legislative session on June 1, 2015.

Immediately after a session in which rumors of a rift were prevalent, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick made a strong proclamation about his relationship with Gov. Greg Abbott on Monday. They work well together, he said, and they aren't future political opponents. 

"I will never be running against Greg Abbott for governor," he said. "And anyone who spreads that rumor is just spreading a rumor that is false."

After that, Patrick went one step further. He said he doesn't plan to ever run for governor — against Abbott or anyone else. 

"This will be my last position," he said. "I love this job. It is the best job in Texas."

Patrick made that proclamation unprovoked during a short talk with reporters immediately after he banged the gavel to end the Senate's work this session. He said he has been asked about a potential challenge to Abbott "over and over."

"Not only isn't it true, I haven't thought about it," he said. 

He added, "We are close friends, and we have formed a great partnership."

He said he and Abbott entered the session with the same goals — reducing taxes, beefing up border security and improving education and transportation. 

"General Abbott and I work really well together, and if you look at the bills that we have passed, these are the bills that we have been fighting for," he said, apparently mistakenly using Abbott's old job title, attorney general. 

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