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The Brief: March 21, 2014

With equal pay emerging as the single biggest issue this week in the contest for governor, the Tribune has taken a deep look at pay disparities across state government.

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The Big Conversation

With equal pay emerging as the single biggest issue this week in the contest for governor, The Texas Tribune's Aman Batheja and Dan Hill have taken a deep look at pay disparities across state government.

Their overall takeaway (w/ interactive graphic): "A Texas Tribune analysis of state payroll data shows that across wide swaths of state government, male employees make more on average than their female colleagues. But a closer look at the payrolls of individual agencies and offices — including those of both [Greg] Abbott and [Wendy] Davis — presents a more complicated picture. The evidence that men make more in government is most striking among the highest-paid workers at the state’s various agencies. Of the 50 highest-paid employees in state government, excluding those at universities, only 12 are female."

The picture, though, changes with each agency and "demonstrates that the issue defies simple explanation," Batheja and Hill report. In the Office of the Attorney General, for instance, women make up 70 percent of the workforce. Yet women at the agency earn on average $15,637 less than men, and only three of the 20 highest-paid employees are women.

But at the Texas Department of Transportation where women make up just 21 percent of the workforce and account for none of the top 20 salaried employees, women earn on average $4,257 more than men. A complex issue, to be sure, and, as Batheja and Hill write, "one in which different statistics can offer competing impressions."

The Day Ahead

•    David Dewhurst and Dan Patrick are scheduled to debate in Kerrville in a lieutenant governor candidate forum at noon. We will livestream the feed from KSAT.

Today in the Trib

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Quote to Note

"We had probably one of the best constitutional law discussions since I got out of law school. And I loved it, we just had a great intellectual discussion, but we quickly moved to … there are trends in the economy that have nothing to do with partisanship that are just bad."

— New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker on his much-remarked dinner with colleague Ted Cruz

News From Home

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Trib Events for the Calendar

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