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The Texas Weekly Hot List: How It All Came Out

In which we rank the races by risk to the incumbents and/or the level of drama for candidates and voters. This week: how our rankings compared with the results.

For our list of the most competitive races in Texas congressional and legislative elections, we lifted the color scheme from the inventors of the federal terror watch, ranking races by the threat to each incumbent, to the incumbent party, or just by the level of interest and heat generated.

Yellow means there's trouble on the sidewalk. Orange is trouble on the front porch. Red is trouble walking in the door.

Incumbents' are indicated by an (i). An asterisk (*) indicates an open seat, and those are rated by the apparent competitiveness of top candidates (closer = hotter). This is certainly and intentionally subject to argument, and we'll revise and adjust as the March 4 primary approaches. Let us know what you think.

Races involving incumbents are listed first; open seats follow.

Changes this week: Results! Winners' names in bold. (We'll start runoffs next week.)


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