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TribWeek: In Case You Missed It

The best of our best content from Feb. 17-21, 2014.

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Gov. Rick Perry is quietly lobbying for Health and Human Services Executive Commissioner Kyle Janek to be the next chancellor of the University of Texas System.

Explore how much water was used for oil-and-gas fracking operations in 10 Texas counties in 2012. In some counties, fracking water use in 2012 equaled at least half of the county's entire water usage in 2011. 

The Tribune's campaign finance database has been updated to include the latest contribution and expenditure information. Use this tool to look up candidates' cash totals and to see who is funding them

Karl Rove, the Fox News pundit and famed political consultant, has become fodder in Texas for both Democrats and Republicans in this year's elections.

How the Texas State Board of Education has handled its purview over curriculum standards has cropped up in three primary races that will likely determine who will join the board in January.

The number of homeless people in Texas has declined in recent years. But this unusually cold winter has driven people into shelters across the state.

The Senate Health and Human Services committee at a hearing on Thursday discussed Texas’ efforts to expand access to women’s health services across the state. 

Republican Greg Abbott included controversial musician and entertainer Ted Nugent in a couple of campaign stops this week. It could have been scripted by his likely November rival, Wendy Davis.

Although Republicans have dominated Texas politics over the last 20 years, GOP leaders have been preaching about the need for better minority outreach and updated technology.

Amarillo receives a higher ratio of new refugees to the existing population than any other Texas city. Local officials are worried that the refugee population is straining the city’s resources.

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