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Sid Miller: "I Stand With Phil Robertson"

Sid Miller on Thursday criticized the A&E television network's decision to remove Phil Robertson from the show Duck Dynasty following Robertson's comments against homosexuality. Miller called the suspension a "blatant injustice."

by Neena Satija, The Texas Tribune and Reveal
Rep. Sid Miller R-Stephenville speaks in favor of HB 15, the abortion sonogram bill on May 4th, 2011

Sid Miller, Republican candidate for agriculture commissioner, criticized in a statement Thursday the decision by the television network A&E to pull Phil Robertson from the show Duck Dynasty. Robertson was suspended from the show after making comments comparing homosexuality to bestiality and calling it a sin. 

"Phil Robertson has every right to express his personal opinions about his Christian faith and against the homosexual lifestyle," Miller said. He called the removal of Robertson "a blatant injustice" that "demonstrates just what the liberal-left agenda is going to do to our country — rot it from the inside out by killing American values." 

Miller, a former state representative, is one of four Republican candidates running for the statewide office, along with Uvalde Mayor J Allen Carnes, former state Rep. Tommy Merritt and Republican Party attorney Eric Opiela. Two Democrats, musician Kinky Friedman and South Texas rancher Hugh Fitzsimons, are also running.

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