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Storify Timeline: See How Controversy Over Health Program Has Unfolded

This Storify timeline looks at how the controversy over the Texas Women's Health Program has unfolded.

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Started in 2006 with goals that included reducing the number of Medicaid births in the state, The Women's Health Program saved the Medicaid program approximately $75.2 million by averting an anticipated 6,721 births in 2009.

Today, the issue isn't whether the program is effective. Over the last year, anti-abortion lawmakers and activists have made it clear they are dissatisfied with the largest beneficiary of the Women's Health Program: Planned Parenthood.

Here's a look at the Tribune's coverage of this issue since it came onto the political radar during last year's legislative session. The Women's Health Program is separate from the state's family-planning funds, which lawmakers reduced by two-thirds.

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