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Another Redistricting Deadline Looms

Redistricting is about where we left it last week, except that the lawyers have filed briefs from which the judges can pick and choose their changes to the maps drawn by the Legislature last year.

There's not much information, but there is a fair amount of speculation about when congressional and legislative maps might be completed.

This is known, from testimony, and argues for maps within the week: To hold May 29 primaries, election administrators say they must have final maps by March 3. That's a week from Saturday.

The Senate maps are done. The lawyers working on House maps have been pushing back and forth on three districts (primarily) without bursting into a chorus of Kumbaya. The congressional maps, several lawyers have said, will have to be drawn by the three federal judges in San Antonio and the main differences are in congressional districts 23, 25, 27, 33, and 35.