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The Midday Brief: Feb. 10, 2012

Your afternoon reading: Paul's stealth Maine strategy; Perry says he regrets having back surgery in July; Waco religious group accused of child abuse, cover-ups

U.S. Rep Ron Paul before going onstage at a Rock the Caucus event at a Des Moines high school on Jan. 3, 2012.

Your afternoon reading:

  • "Ron Paul has a secret, ninja-like Seal Team 6 strategy to win big in the Feb. 11 Maine Republican caucuses. … The Paul team has a plan for winning more delegates in many caucus states than straw poll votes would indicate Paul is entitled to. Mr. Paul’s supporters are proud of this approach, which has 'not been clearly reported', as Paul campaign manager John Tate said earlier this week." — Ron Paul's secret ninja strategy for Maine caucuses, Christian Science Monitor
  • "Rick Perry — now ramping back up his media appearances — tells Fox News Channel that he has some regrets about his presidential campaign: first and foremost, entering the GOP race late. 'There are a few things that as I look back, that were not particularly positive from the standpoint of how you would have ideally run a campaign,' he said in interview that will air on Sunday. 'We would have been in substantially earlier, but it just didn't work out that way.' Perry, who also said he wouldn't have had back surgery in July, ended his presidential bid three weeks ago after a high-flying start. And the Texas governor explained that he had to exit the race to ensure another 'real conservative' would win the nomination." — Perry regrets getting into presidential race late, having back surgery, The Dallas Morning News
  • "A Texas Observer investigation has found allegations of child sex abuse involving at least six members of the Homestead Heritage community. Three members have been convicted of sexually assaulting minors. A fourth has been charged and will likely soon plead guilty. The Observer found more allegations of sexual abuse of children that have never been reported to the authorities. … In fact, our investigation has exposed a litany of tragedy: families broken apart, child abuse and allegations of mind control, cover-ups and secrecy. It is a community that former members say represses sexuality, tries to deal with crimes 'in house' and is controlled by an authoritarian regime; a community, former members say, that operates very much like a cult." — Exclusive: Waco religious group accused of child abuse, beatings and cover-ups, The Texas Observer

New in The Texas Tribune:

  • "Texas would have been the biggest state on the biggest day of the primary season, Super Tuesday. But pushing the state's primaries from March back to April (or further) could cheat Texas voters out of a rare chance to choose the next nominee for president. The earliest possible date for the state's primary elections will come after 34 states and territories have already spoken." — Slow Redistricting Curbs Clout of Texas Primary

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