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On the Records: Newt's Weak Texas Fundraising

He may be the new Republican presidential front-runner, but Newt Gingrich has been well behind his rivals in raising campaign cash from Texas.

GOP PResidential hopefuls, Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich before Lincoln-Douglas type debate on November 5th, 2011 The Woodlands, Texas

Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has been enjoying recent successes in the polls, but when it comes to fundraising in Texas, he has work to do.

According to Federal Election Commission campaign finance data, Gingrich collected only $132,835 in Texas in the 2012 election cycle up to Sept. 30, receiving only 0.9 percent of donations given to Republican candidates in the state. Among his major rivals, only Rick Santorum raised less here: $48,510.

To help visualize Gingrich's performance so far in Texas, we have added his numbers to our interactive that breaks down the amount and number of contributions by ZIP code. His donation map has also been embedded below. Click on a ZIP code area to compare each candidate's contributions from people who live there.

Gingrich seems to have struggled to find donors willing to max out the federal contribution limit of $2,500, which is key for any candidate aiming to raise a lot of money quickly. Of the 298 contributors to his campaign, only 24 gave in excess of $2,500. The ZIP code of 76016, southeast of Lake Arlington, was Gingrich's highest contributing ZIP code, but the $7,500 collected there came from one family.

Of course, it's important to note that we will not have concrete numbers on the final quarter of 2011 until Jan. 31, 2012, which would include any fundraising efforts since Gingrich's well-regarded debate performances and his surge in the polls. Gingrich's campaign is moving to capitalize on these recent successes. According to Politico, the campaign is currently running a national telemarketing campaign in hopes it can reach out to Republican donors. With the void created by Herman Cain's exit and Rick Perry's fall from the top of the pack, Gingrich could find hesitant donors who have been looking for someone to support.

And as Nicholas Confessore of The New York Times reports, Gingrich has recently gained the support of the Super PAC Solutions 2012, an important step toward building a well-rounded presidential campaign. But for a candidate who intends to go toe to toe with top GOP fundraisers like Perry and Mitt Romney, who raised $9.7 million and $2.1 million in Texas through the third quarter of 2011, respectively, Gingrich has a considerable hill to climb.

The table below lists the 52 $1,000+ Texan contributors to Gingrich's campaign. To view all of Gingrich's Texas donors in the 2012 election cycle, click here.

$1,000+ Texas Donors to Newt Gingrich, Q1-Q3
Pendery, Darlene A. Flower Mound 75022 Magnablend Inc. Industrial Chemical Manufacturing $5,000
Wood, Diana Marquez 77865 Woody's Smokehouse Owner $5,000
Von Eschenbach, Andrew Montgomery 77356 Samaritan Health Initiatives Physician Consultant $2,500
Heard, Dan Houston 77019 None None $2,500
Kopper, W. Bruce San Antonio 78257 Self-Employed Self-Employed $2,500
Kuzmich, R.W. Midland 79708 Retired Retired $2,500
Merritt, Arthur San Antonio 78256 Retired Retired $2,500
Merritt, Carol San Antonio 78256 Retired Retired $2,500
Murphy, Patrick Missouri City 77459 Self-Employed Attorney $2,500
Ahlberg, Harold L. Irving 75038 Retired Retired $2,500
Orr, Keith Dallas 75204 Orr Auto Car Dealer $2,500
Ballard, A.L. Houston 77002 Ballard Exploration Co. President $2,500
Barrett, Ray R. Jr. Midkiff 79755 Retired Retired $2,500
Pendery, David A. Flower Mound 75022 Magnablend CEO $2,500
Prince, Zan Weatherford 76086 Self-Employed Insurance Agent $2,500
Casement, Douglas San Antonio 78257 Retired Retired $2,500
Decker, Wade Cedar Hill 75104 Dmi Corp Contractor $2,500
Shelton, Breda Arlington 76016 Retired Schoolteacher $2,500
Shelton, George P. Arlington 76016 Retired Retired CPA $2,500
Simmons, Annette Dallas 75240 Homemaker Homemaker $2,500
Simmons, Harold Dallas 75240 Contran Chairman $2,500
Wood, Dudley George Marquez 77865 Information Requested Per Best Efforts Information Requested Per Best Efforts $2,500
Furlong, Joseph El Paso 79922 Self` Physician $2,500
Zapanta, Albert Irving 75063 Planning Inc President $2,500
Abreo, Gerard Houston 77059 Southeast Houston Cardiology Cardiologist $2,000
Word, Tim D. San Antonio 78209 Dean Word Co Manager $1,250
Shelton, George P. Arlington 76016 Retired Retired CPA $1,250
Shelton, George P. Arlington 76016 Retired Retired CPA $1,250
Wells, Joann Dallas 75248 Retired Retired $1,000
Gist, Greg Southlake 76092 Self Cosmetic Dentist $1,000
Griffith, Richard S. Houston 77002 Richard S. Griffith Investor $1,000
Wood, Clay Odessa 79765 Western National Bank Bank Manager $1,000
Kelley, Nancy Lee San Antonio 78257 Retired Retired $1,000
Leavy, Ryan Dallas 75231 Beacon Petroleum Energy $1,000
Levens, Charles H. Water Valley 76958 Self-Employed Oil Producer $1,000
Ahern, John Prosper 75078 Self Sales $1,000
Oxley, Mike Houston 77024 Highland Oil And Gas CEO $1,000
Atwell, Gena J. Houston 77024 Retired Retired $1,000
Austin III, Jeff Jacksonville 75766 Austin Bank Banker $1,000
Bahret, Steven A. Katy 77494 Chevron Geophysicist $1,000
Berger, Richard Dallas 75220 Berger Engineering Company Mechanical Engineer $1,000
Richardson, Barbara Austin 78716 Sunland Ford Inc. Owner Auto Dealership $1,000
Cochran, Donald E. Kerrville 78028 Retired Retired $1,000
Shelton, George P. Arlington 76016 Retired Retired CPA $1,000
Tice, David W. Dallas 75231 Self-Employed Investments $1,000
Bahret, Steven A. Katy 77494 Chevron Geophysicist $1,000
Butterworth, William Coppell 75019 Self-Employed Writer $1,000
Stedman, Betty Ann Houston 77019 Stedman West Interests Inc Investor $1,000
Wells, Joann Dallas 75248 Retired Retired $1,000
Wells, Joann Dallas 75248 Retired Retired $1,000
Hayes, Marc Lubbock 79424 Copy Craft Printers Owner $1,000
Jackson, Debra W. Spring 77386 Tejas Machines Inc President $1,000

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