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Video: Best of the CNN/Tea Party GOP Debate

It hurts to be the front-runner in the GOP presidential race. Just ask Gov. Rick Perry. Watch highlights from the CNN/Tea Party Express debate Monday night in Tampa, Fla.

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Last night, Gov. Rick Perry demonstrated at least one thing: It hurts to be the front-runner in the GOP presidential race. The candidate took punches from all sides throughout the night during the CNN/Tea Party Express debate in Tampa, Fla.

Some political observers expected it would be a piece of cake for Perry, an early supporter of the Tea Party. Instead, Perry's conservative credentials were seriously questioned by his fellow Republicans. U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann pummeled Perry for his ill-fated attempt in 2007 to require young girls receive the HPV vaccine. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney refused to let up on Perry's characterization in his book, Fed Up!, and in speeches of Social Security as a "Ponzi" scheme. Fellow Texan and U.S. Rep. Ron Paul even accused Perry of being responsible for doubling his taxes.

Take a look at some of the highlights and zingers compiled by CNN below.


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