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TribWeek: In Case You Missed It

Tan on coming prison school cuts and online sales taxes, Root on Rick Perry's support for tax increases when he was a lawmaker, Ramshaw and Serafini on what "Perrycare" would entail, yours truly on the differences between Perry and George W. Bush, Philpott on the passions of the Paulites, Murphy and Seger unveil the Trib's Texas Public Schools Database, Hamilton on UT's answer to calls for improvements in higher ed, Galbraith on predictions that the record heat in Texas will be a long-term problem and Aguilar on the legal shootout over gun sales in Texas: The best of our best content from Aug. 22 to 26, 2011.

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The state's prison education system, known as the Windham School District, eliminates or reduces classes for Texas inmates. 

The state is preparing to begin requiring online retailers to collect sales taxes from their customers over the strenuous objections of Amazon.

To hear him tell it on the presidential campaign trail, Gov. Rick Perry has never met a tax increase he liked. But over a political career that reaches back to the 1980s, he has embraced billions of dollars worth of them.

Gov. Rick Perry routinely attacks federal health care reform, but he has so far revealed little on the presidential campaign trail about what his own “Perrycare” could look like — or how much changing American health care will figure into his candidacy.

Watching Rick Perry can cause flashbacks. Both he and George W. Bush were governors of Texas, but Perry isn’t running the same government Bush was running in 2000. The problems are different. Their strengths are different. And the pitch is different, too.

If you put Ron Paul and Rick Perry side by side in this presidential race, most people would say Paul is the underdog. But what Paul's supporters lack in numbers they make up for in passion.

With the Tribune’s Texas Public Schools Database, parents, students and other readers can access key academic, financial and administrative information about every public school district and campus in the state.

At this week's meeting of the University of Texas System Board of Regents, Chancellor Francisco Cigarroa won unanimous approval for a plan addressing hot-button higher ed issues of the moment like productivity, efficiency and accountability.

Are the drought and record heat due to climate change? Scientists hedge, especially on the drought question, but there's no question it's been getting hotter in Texas — and it's going to continue to do so.

A new reporting requirement for firearms dealers in four border states, including Texas, intended to curb the flow of weapons into Mexico has prompted a veteran San Antonio gun dealer to file suit against the federal government.

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