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Perry on Top in New Iowa Survey

Rick Perry leads the other Republican presidential candidates in Iowa, according to a new poll conducted for a Perry-favored Super PAC.

Presidential candidate Rick Perry makes a speech at the Iowa 80 "World's Largest Truck Stop" at Walcott, Iowa on August 16, 2011.

Rick Perry leads the other Republican presidential candidates in Iowa, according to a poll conducted for a Perry-flavored Super PAC.

In the survey done for the Make Us Great Again PAC, likely Republican caucus-goers give Perry 23 percent of their votes, followed by Michele Bachmann, at 20 percent; Mitt Romney, at 16 percent; Ron Paul, at 9 percent; Herman Cain, 8 percent; and Rick Santorum, 7 percent. No others broke the 4 percent mark, and 12 percent of the caucus voters were undecided.

Thirty-eight percent think Perry would be best at "creating jobs and improving the economy," followed by Romney at 27 percent and Bachmann at 18 percent.

Perry also led when the voters were asked who had the best chance to beat Obama. Perry got 41 percent to Romney's 24 percent and Bachmann's 13 percent.

According to the survey, self-described "very conservative" voters favor Perry, at 30 percent, over Bachmann, at 23 percent, and Cain, at 10 percent (Romney got 9 percent, as did Santorum). And those who described themselves as "a Tea Party conservative concerned about spending, the federal debt, and protecting the U.S. Constitution" also had Perry on top, with 30 percent, followed by Bachmann, at 22 percent and Paul at 13 percent.

The Aug. 21-22 telephone survey of 402 likely Republican caucus goers was done by Wilson Perkins Allen Opinion Research. The margin of error is +/- 4.9 percent. The Make Us Great Again PAC, which is not formally affiliated with the Perry campaign, was formed by Perry supporters, including lobbyist Mike Toomey, the governor's former chief of staff. 


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