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Slideshow: Native Grasses

A slideshow of Bill Neiman's seed-cleaning facility near Junction.

Bill Neiman, owner of Native American Seed, at his seed-cleaning facility in Junction, TX, Jan. 18, 2011.

Bill Neiman got into the landscaping business in 1973 at age 19, determined to create beautiful gardens for his high-end, suburban clients. Seven years later a terrible drought struck, followed by a deep freeze that wiped out his North Texas nursery. He stayed in the gardens business but began changing his approach, and in 1995 he moved out to the Hill Country, where his family-run company, Native American Seed, sells only seeds from plant species native to Texas and surrounding states, which are naturally equipped to survive the extremes of weather here — unlike the Japanese boxwoods and Pakistani crepe myrtles that he had once touted.

Below is a slideshow of Neiman's seed-cleaning facility near Junction.

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