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The Brief: Aug. 3, 2010

Her gubernatorial run may be long dead, but Kay Bailey Hutchison's money is still talking.

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Her gubernatorial run may be long dead, but Kay Bailey Hutchison's money is still talking.

After all, in the race for the Republican nomination earlier this year, the U.S. senator pulled in more than $20 million in contributions, outraising rival Rick Perry, who went on to wallop Hutchison, leaving her donors without a home but ripe for the picking.

Since beginning their general-election battle, both Perry, hoping to regroup the GOP after a contentious primary fight, and Democratic nominee Bill White, looking to lull those unable to hold their noses and vote for the governor, have claimed they've secured significant support from those Hutchison donors, but specifics haven't been available.

Today, a Tribune analysis by Ross Ramsey and Matt Stiles sheds some light on those claims, showing that Perry has netted more than $1 million from supporters of his former Republican primary rival, while White has collected at least $675,000. (Check out the interactive feature to see who's gone where and given how much.)

Not unexpectedly, more Hutchison dollars have gone Perry's way, but White's take is nothing to scoff at. The data also show some big names — including former Gov. Bill Clements, who switched back to Perry — and, in some cases, some interesting political maneuvering: Investor Robert Rowling, who quit the University of Texas System Board of Regents last year amid controversy involving the governor, switched back to Perry after switching to Hutchison in the primary.

Also notable are those whose names haven't appeared on either Perry's or White's donor list so far — those, including Ross Perot Sr., among others, — who gave Hutchison at least $100,000 each but have yet to commit in the general election.


  • How sweet! Bill Flores, Republican candidate for the U.S. House, is offering to pay for a town hall event for his opponent, incumbent Chet Edwards, and Barack Obama, during the presiden't visit to Texas this month. No political motivations behind that, right?
  • The suit challenging the University of Texas' use of race in its admissions policy is going to court today. The Trib and KUT's Ben Philpott has a report.

"How is Rick Perry not teaching this clinic? He can run and shoot." — Democratic consultant Jason Stanford on a football clinic offered as one of the prizes in a raffle Perry's campaign is holding to encourage supporters to sign up voters


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