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T-Squared: Elections, Overtime Edition

Thrills! Spills! Live Runoff coverage tonight!

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We'll cover tonight's runoffs the same way we covered the primary elections on March 2, with a constantly updated grid of numbers and a running blog where we post things of interest as we find them. The scale is smaller this time, with only 18 races on the runoff ballot, and only one of those a statewide affair, but our idea of how to cover it is the same: Live results, live bits of news, links to other stories and posts of interest — all you need to stay on top of the elections.

Results will start rolling in around 7 o'clock, and we'll have them as they're reported to election officials. Come back to the home page this evening. The live coverage will start before the polls close and continue into the night, there and on our election landing page, which you can bookmark here. The results page will jump to life when the results start coming in.

And read here for a preview of what's on the ballot.

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