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The Midday Brief: April 9, 2010

Your afternoon reading.

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Your afternoon reading:

“When Luis Cardenas Lopez saw government officials laughing at a tragedy in Juarez he got angry. The 27-year old communications student at the National Autonomous University of Mexico decided to start doing social and political commentary on YouTube about the escalating drug violence.” — Tweeting DangerTexas Observer

“In the first two months of 2010, GOP members of Congress have donated nearly four times as much cash to the National Republican Congressional Committee as their Democratic counterparts have donated to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.”  — House GOP Amps Up GivingPolitico

“The Army psychiatrist charged in the deadly Fort Hood shooting was transferred early Friday from a San Antonio military hospital to a jail near the Army post, his attorney said.” — Ft. Hood suspect moved from hospital to Texas jailAssociated Press

New in The Texas Tribune:

John Paul Stevens announced this morning that he’s leaving the Supreme Court, and this afternoon the names of potential replacements are already being floated. Along with Solicitor General Elena Kagan and D.C. circuit judge Merrick Garland, 7th circuit judge's Diane Wood name has once again popped up. — TribBlog: Back on the Short List

Last week, Cook sat down with the Tribune to talk about how the drug war raging in Juárez affects El Paso: how the national media paints a distorted portrait of his hometown, whether violence is really spilling over and what he thinks of how state and national leaders are addressing the problem of border security. — John Cook: The TT Interview

Every candidate vying for a legislative seat knows what lies ahead in the 2011 session: a budget shortfall of at least $11 billion, probably higher. But when it comes to raising revenue, lawmakers are old hands at the old sleight of hand, employing creative accounting to avoid stepping on that political third rail, the tax hike. — Fee for All!


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