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HuTube: A Census Message from Karl Rove

Check out Census 2010's latest pitchman, Karl Rove. The man known as Bush's Brain draws on his appreciation for James Madison to sell the Census to those who haven't mailed in their forms yet.

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Karl Rove. Republican political strategist, author, Fox News contributor, and now, a Census 2010 pitchman. The man known as "Bush's Brain" appears in a short PSA asking Americans to hurry up and fill out their Census forms and turn them back in.

"Please answer the ten easy questions," Rove says. "They're almost the same ones [James] Madison helped write for the first Census in 1790."

Texas needs the push. As we reported last week, Texas' response rate is almost the lowest in the country. For every percentage point increase in mail response, the bureau estimates it saves $85 million in taxpayer money. But this year, anti-government sentiment has fed an anti-Census participation movement, and some Republicans worry it will lead to lower census participation rates in conservative areas of the country. That could be damaging to Republicans when it comes to reapportionment of Congressional and state legislature districts in the next Texas legislative session.

Check out Rove's message:

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