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The Midday Brief: February 8, 2010

Your afternoon reading.

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Your afternoon reading:

"The Democratic agriculture commissioner candidate has said that he will debate his primary opponent, Hank Gilbert, if he returns a $150,000 political contribution from Farouk Shami." — Money or meeting: Kinky says he'll debate if Gilbert gives back Farouk contributionTRAILBLAZERS

"Perry couldn’t have sounded any more Lady GaGa over the former vice presidential candidate." — She Got GameIn the Pink

“Cost containment needs to be a major priority as we examine strategies to meet our health and human services needs.” — Senator Nelson to Lead Health Policy ReviewTexas Insider

"So over time, less serious thefts have come to be categorized as felonies that would have been misdemeanors at the time the law established the current threshold." — Index Theft Categories to InflationGrits for Breakfast 

New in the Texas Tribune:

"Even with solid improvements in a short time, Jefferson still makes the list of “persistently lowest-achieving” schools, along with 158 other schools across the state." — Reform Follows Function — The Texas Tribune

"The scuffle bears the markings of an age-old clash between tort reformers and trial lawyers for the jugular of the Texas judiciary — a still-brewing antagonism that surfaced in the “Justice for Sale” scandal of the late 1980s and once again came to a head during the 1995 legislative session, after Gov. George W. Bush was elected on an anti-frivolous-lawsuit platform." — The Trials of Felipe Reyna — The Texas Tribune

"Just as the Statesman popped Rick Perry in its KBH endorsement ('little to show for that long tenure'), it karate-chopped White's main opponent, Farouk Shami, citing the hair-care magnate's 'total lack of anything that would prepare him to be governor.'" — 2010: Newspaper Endorsements: Statesman for White — The Texas Tribune

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