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T-Squared: Our Mobile Site, Revisited

You wanted access to every bit of our content, including taglines, on the go. Done and done.

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When we launched the mobile version of the Trib back in November, we decided to push only the headlines of our top stories, leaving blog posts and other mundane content on the cutting room floor -- and forcing eager readers to guess at, in the absence of descriptive taglines, what exactly they were getting and why. We heard from many of you that you wanted more presented in greater detail, so, as of today, we've expanded our offerings to include every single bit of content our site, along with those elusive taglines. We've also made it possible to access audio and video in a mobile platform, meaning you'll never go Stumpless or be thwarted in your attempts to listen to the weekly TribCast on the go. As usual, all of this was made possible thanks to the hard work and careful attention of our talented tech team.

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