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Better Know a Candidate

2010 hopefuls for statewide office and the Texas Legislature: We want you on camera. Here are your instructions for submitting a video that we'll host on our site.

Candidates, we want you.

We're aggregating candidate introduction videos from across the state so that would-be constituents and Trib readers everywhere can see and hear you — no matter if you're running in West Texas, big cities, the Valley or any place in between.

The instructions are simple.

1. Videos may be up to 90 seconds long but no longer. We'll cut you off if we have to, but we hope we won't have to.

2. We want to see and hear you speaking into camera. Please don't send us campaign commercials. These are intended to be easily produced pieces that give viewers a better idea of who they're voting for.

3. Post your video to YouTube. Many of you already have YouTube channels, and if not, you're likely familiar with the video-sharing site. Please post your short video to YouTube and send us the link. We'll then host it, along with the other candidate videos we collect, on the Tribune site. That way, voters will be able to see your video alongside that of your opponents and other choices for other offices.

Send your video links to and we'll start putting them all in one place.

If you have any questions, e-mail Or you can watch our handy instruction/sample video.

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