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T-Squared: Next of Kindle

Announcing the latest way to get your Trib on. (Thanks, Tony Matta!)

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Announcing the latest way to get your Trib on. Today our director of technology, the international man of mystery H.O. Maycotte, put the finishing touches on a relationship with Amazon that means we can immediately distribute Texas Tribune content on the all-powerful, all-knowing Kindle. For now we're limited to blog posts (perhaps you're reading this one on, um, a Kindle?), but soon we'll add news and assorted other bits. Alas, given the way Amazon works, there's a small monthly charge to Whispernet the Trib to your e-reader doorstep; not our decision, and we see, at best, a microscopic percentage of the proceeds. But this is about convenience, which some of you might be willing to pay for.

N.B.: If you're wondering how quickly and nimbly we react to feedback, consider this: Trib member Antonio Matta emailed us on December 14 asking if we could offer our reporting and commentary in Kindle form, since he travels so much and is therefore away from his computer more often than not. Tony, a mere two days later, your wish is our command.

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