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HuTube: Red Light Cam Story Near You

NBC-5 in Dallas used our data application for a story on red-light cameras.

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One of our major focuses at the Tribune is to put reporting power into your hands; that is, give readers, viewers and other journalists our data and information to use for localizing stories or as hooks for more reporting. This goal got put into practice this week in the Dallas-Fort Worth television market.

NBC-5 in Dallas took our red light camera application and ran with it (pun intended). Last night on the 10pm news in DFW, you could see this story about the revenue-making Duncanville red light cameras, a story made possible by the app we released this week. A great marriage of our searchable, accessible public data and the TV station's willingness to make it useful to its community. (I love the man-on-the-street interviews with people being outraged.)

We love to share (and all we ask in return is attribution.) So if you want to embed the red light app on your own website, the instructions are here, or contact Niran or Matt for more help.

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