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Ads Infinitum: Up and at 'Em

Republicans Kay Bailey Hutchison and Rick Perry have started their air war, and Democrat Farouk Shami — new to the race — starts on TV at the same time.

Republicans Kay Bailey Hutchison and Rick Perry started their air war late today, unveiling television commercials a week before Thanksgiving for their respective campaigns for governor. Houston businessman Farouk Shami announced his bid for governor (officially, now) and starts his own run of ads on Friday.

Hers is an explanation of her decision to remain in federal office while she's running a state race for governor.

Hutchison: "I’m going to do everything I can to stop the government takeover of healthcare, and it’s why I’m staying in the Senate through the primary, at risk to my political future. I cannot walk away while this is pending in Congress. Everything about it is going to raise costs, raise taxes and lower the quality of health care. And we don’t need a government takeover of healthcare. Not at the state level. Not at the federal level. Not ever."

His is an attack on Washington, where she works:

Announcer: "Deficits. Bailouts. Port Barrel Spending. A $12 trillion debt. Washington is broken. In Texas, Governor Rick Perry proves conservative leadership works. The only Governor since World War II to cut general revenue spending twice. Governor Perry kept his promise to reduce taxes for 40,000 small businesses, creating more jobs. Today our budget is balanced with billions left in savings. While Washington gives us politics, Texas delivers results."

Shami touts his personal rise in business and promises change.

Announcer: "Hard work, grit, and guts. That could only happen right here. Arriving with $71 in his pocket, a man came to Texas and turned a dream into a reality, building a multi-billion-dollar company that now employs thousands of Texans. Farouk Shami. He just brought 1,200 jobs to Texas by moving his factories here from China."

Woman: "We can pay our mortgage."

Announcer: "Problem solver. Job creator. Shami's running for governor to create new jobs, improve our schools, reform health care, and protect the environment. Farouk Shami is fed up with the influence that special interests have in Austin, so he'll never take a penny from them. And all he'll take from taxpayers is $1 a year in pay. The choice? More of the same, or change as big as Texas. Farouk Shami. The day he becomes governor is the day business as usual ends in Texas."

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