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Eager to impress partygoers with your knowledge of Texas politics and policy? Wondering how to wring every last bit of information out of The Texas Tribune? Our handy video tour (and the quick explainers here) should help.

Eager to impress partygoers with your knowledge of Texas politics and policy?  Wondering how to wring every last bit of information out of The Texas Tribune?  Our handy video tour (and the quick explainers below) should help.

ROOFLINES - Roofline items are the three stories at the very top of the page, above the masthead. They can be blog posts, audio stories, video clips, word clouds - anything we think you should see at the moment you're checking the site.

NAVIGATION BAR - The navigation bar with drop-down menus live right underneath the main logo and date. These run left to right and include various types of content, including our elected officials directory, the "library" (which includes our gigs and gigs of searchable data), links to our blogs section, Texas Weekly (the subscriber-based newsletter) and other content sections you oughta visit.

TOP STORIES - Four top stories live in the main content well of the page. These are not always the most recent stories we upload - they are the most substantive or timely stories, and they almost always include art, video or graphics to help you better understand the issue or story.

THE REST —  “The Rest” consists of any and all items — stories, videos, blog posts, etc. — that are not top stories. They are listed on the homepage chronologically, with the most recently added item always on top. If you've seen the top stories already and just want to see the most recent post to our site, that lives at the top of "The Rest".

BLOGS — The Tribune currently boasts eight blogs.  On the homepage, the most recent blog posts can be found in the right column in the “Our Blogs” box, and they will also feed into “The Rest.”  In both cases, the posts are listed in chronological order with most recent blog post on top.  Blogs can also be accessed via the navigation bar by clicking on the word “Blogs.”  All blogs have RSS feeds, the links for which can be found here.

TRIBWIRE — Tribwire is a list of worthwhile reading on issues relevant to Texans from publications throughout the internet.  Articles are selected by Texas Tribune staff and listed on the homepage in the order they were posted.

CAMPUSWIRE —  CampusWire is fashioned in the style of TribWire and is specific to college and university publications across the state.  It can be accessed by clicking on “CampusWire “ in the navigatopm bar.

RSS FEEDS, CONTACT US, ABOUT US - Those sections all live at the bottom of the page, on the right hand corner of the box with the black background. Click to get in touch with us, give us feedback or let us RSS feed you.

Many more features and fixes are to come. Stay tuned.

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