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Stump Interrupted: Kay Bailey Hutchison

Remember VH1's "Pop-up Video"? We loved it, too. It inspired us to launch a new feature we call Stump Interrupted, a twist on the traditional stump speech. U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison is the first to get the S.I. treatment. We take her seven-minute monologue from a Waco campaign event and put it into context.

Stump speeches. They're tried and sometimes true, they're rinsed and repeated... and repeated... and repeated.

Over the course of covering a campaign, these purposely newsless speeches become as predictable as the constant barrage of email blasts to the press or the bad background music before candidates come on stage.

But a candidate's stump speech, at its core, is an attempt to convey a vision and a message. What are the themes of the race? What promises are being made? What does the candidate know – that the rest of us don't?

To better illuminate the signals and subtext at campaign events across the state, we bring you Stump Interrupted. It's a Tribune feature that we hope adds a little levity to the speeches voters will hear more and more as the primary election draws closer.

Gubernatorial candidate U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison's stump is the first to get interrupted. These are her remarks from a Waco campaign event in early October.

You can also click here to see more information and sourcing on the pop-up bubbles in this project.

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