Tribpedia: 2012 Elections

In the election cycles that follow political redistricting — including the one in 2012 — everybody in the state's congressional delegation and the Legislature and on the State Board of Education is on the ballot. Some incumbents find themselves in new districts or paired with other incumbents. Turnover of the voluntary and involuntary kinds is high after new maps are ...

Cornyn Says Election Shows Voters Trust Neither Party

Following a Veteran's Day celebration at an elementary school in East Austin on Friday, Sen. John Cornyn reflected on Tuesday's election, saying Republicans could have run stronger candidates in some U.S. Senate races. But the National Republican Senatorial Committee chairman gave President Obama credit for running a strong campaign that got his party's supporters to the polls.

Cornyn, the soon-to-be senior senator from Texas — Ted Cruz is replacing retiring U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison — spoke about what lies ahead for him if he becomes Minority Whip, and the potential gridlock in Obama's second term. He also gave his thoughts on Cruz's Tuesday night victory, and whether Congress will be able to avoid the "fiscal cliff."

Ted Cruz with daughter Caroline at his election watch party in Houston on Nov. 6, 2012.
Ted Cruz with daughter Caroline at his election watch party in Houston on Nov. 6, 2012.

Against the Grain, Texas GOP Dominated on Election Day

As Democratic victories in races across the nation left Republicans with several questions, Texas Republicans enjoyed another statewide sweep. But there are some exceptions to the GOP's victory narrative here. Texas Democrats are crowing about a handful of electoral successes.

In "Buying" Votes, Some Do Better Than Others

State and federal candidates and their political committees spent more than $175 million during the 2012 election season. While many candidates had little or no general election competitions, others spent up to $60 a vote. Among competitive legislative races, Rep. J.M. Lozano, R-Kingsville, who spent $746,000 to defend his seat in HD-43, was the highest per-vote spender.

Finally, the Final Campaign Push

It's been an unconventional election cycle in Texas. Court challenges to redistricting led to an ever-changing primary date and created a packed schedule between the runoff and state and national conventions. The campaigns awake today knowing — win or lose — it all comes to end.

2012 Texas Election Brackets

Throughout the election year, we've tracked the progress of the candidates with our basketball tournament-inspired brackets. Now it's time for the final round. Once the elections end, the brackets will be full, with results from each round. And they will continue to include links to districts and candidate information.

Sign at the Acres Homes Center in Houston alerts voters to try a different location on Election Day
Sign at the Acres Homes Center in Houston alerts voters to try a different location on Election Day

What to Expect When You’re Electing

Texas Weekly

It’s not the most exciting election season Texas has ever seen. Most legislative races are over after the primaries and what’s left, with an exception in the Texas Senate, don’t appear to involve the balance of power in the House.

Video: Analyzing the UT/TT Poll

It took the pulse of Texas voters and showed where they rate government and social issues and what they think of Washington and their local representatives. The University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll out last week revealed a few surprises and offered insight about public attitudes leading up to Tuesday's election.

Cruz Highlights Father in Latest TV Ad

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ted Cruz's father, Rafeal Cruz, is the star of his son's latest election ad for television. 

"The promise of freedom drove me to overcome torture in Cuba and come to Texas," Rafeal Cruz says in the ad.

Cruz is running against Democrat Paul Sadler, Libertarian John Jay Myers and Green Party candidate David Collins to replace U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, a Republican. Both Sadler and Myers have also released television ads in the past month.