Amarillo Salaries

Salary Range ($1000s)
Highest Salary $235,204
Lowest Salary $520
Median Salary $29,361
Last Updated July 19, 2013

Browse salaries at Amarillo by department or title.

Name Department Title Salary
William J. Atkinson City Manager City Manager $235,204
Marcus W. Norris Legal City Attorney $181,518
Vicki L. Covey City Manager Deputy City Manager $175,000
Marichu Balmes City Care Clinic Physician $156,000
Dale R. Taylor Police Police Chief $150,588
Michelle C. Bonner City Manager Asst.City Mgr.-Financial Svcs. $150,000
Emmett A. Autrey Director Of Utilities Director Of Utilities $147,108
Michael G. Rice Engineering Director of Public Works $141,991
James C. Brown It Administration Information Services Director $137,351
Jeffrey S. Greenlee Fire Support Fire Chief $130,748
Claud H. Drinnen Legal Deputy City Attorney $127,285
Curtis D. Bainum Finance Director of Finance $126,000
Gary P. Molberg Presidents Office Chamber of Commerce Employee $124,236
Van E Hagan Engineering Assistant Dir Of Public Works $122,093
Patrick J. Rhodes Airport Operations Director of Aviation $120,118
Sonya Letson JUDICIAL Municipal Court Judge $120,000
Rodney L. Tweet Parks & Recreation Administrat Dir Of Parks And Recreation $118,500
Kenneth W. Ferguson Police Assistant Police Chief $116,957
Perry Gilmore Police Assistant Police Chief $116,039
Scott McDonald Building Safety Building Official $113,113
David C. Franke It Systems Senior Programmer Analyst $109,468
Mark E. Read Engineering City Engineer $109,317
Sherman Bass CIVic Center Operations CIVic Center Manager $108,650
Rick L. Redman It Public Safety Senior It Analyst $105,276
Timothy J. Loan Director Of Utilities Assistant Dir Of Utilities $104,233
Tanya Champion It Administration Information Technology Manager $104,156
John M. Richardson Public Health Administration Director Of Public Health $103,370
Jerrold R. Bird Traffic Administration Traffic Engineer $103,000
Larry V. Gray It Public Safety It Coordinator $102,006
Donna H. Littlejohn Library Director of Library Services $100,670