Ryan Murphy News Apps Team Lead

Ryan Murphy plays a role in developing the Tribune's collection of data interactives (with a focus on mapping), conducts data analysis and currently maintains and updates the government employee salary database. Ryan graduated in 2010 with a degree in multimedia journalism from the University of Texas at Austin, where he served as the web editor for The Daily Texan.

Recent Contributions

Interactive: Texas Life Expectancy

How long you live and how healthy you are could depend in part on where you call home. Our interactive map shows life expectancy, obesity rates and levels of physical activity by county, according to data from the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation.

Interactive: Campaign Finance Analyzer

Using campaign finance reports, we've put together a quick way to find the biggest donors to statewide candidates, the distribution of large and small donations, and how much money came in for each date in a reporting period.

Visualization: Executions on Perry's Watch

This gurney is used to perform executions at Terre Haute by lethal injection.
This gurney is used to perform executions at Terre Haute by lethal injection.

Wednesday's execution of Kimberly McCarthy for the 1997 stabbing death of her neighbor will mark Texas' 500th execution since 1976 and the 261st during Gov. Rick Perry's tenure. Use our interactive to view information on each execution under Perry.

Interactive: Public Water System Shortages

Hotter days are back, and cities across Texas are again at risk of running out of water. Barnhart, a small community in West Texas, already ran out of water just this month. Use our redesigned interactive to track water systems at risk.