Dan Hill News Apps Reporter

Dan Hill builds data interactives and maintains the massive Tribune government salaries database. He grew up in Sacramento, studied journalism and computer science at Northwestern University, and contributed to data projects as an intern at The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal. In his (limited) spare time, Dan enjoys attending bluegrass jams and playing third base for the Tribune softball team.

Recent Contributions

News App: Higher Ed Outcomes Explorer

Each year, some 300,000 students begin eighth grade in a Texas public school. Use this app to track the educational milestones of every student who started eighth grade in a Texas public school between 1996 and 2001, broken down by region and county. 

Interactive: Jailed Immigrants by the Numbers

A state law passed in 2011 requires Texas jails to report monthly estimates of the cost to house undocumented immigrants. This interactive table shows the total number of immigrants housed and the cost to each county from October 2011 to September 2013.