News For Monday, January 25, 2010

Corporate Politics

Texas Weekly

The U.S. Supreme Court freed corporations and unions from a century-old ban on political spending Thursday, ruling that restrictions on their electioneering expenditures violate their First Amendment Rights.

Facebook Proves Useful to Texas Politicians

Thanks to sites like Facebook and Twitter, we know the elected officials who represent us better than ever — sometimes in weirdly intimate ways. You can find out that Dan Patrick had to put his dog down, that Wayne Christian is a fan of real estate wunderkind and reality TV star Chad Rogers, and that Bill White just finished listening to a book on tape. But woe to the pol who hasn't updated her status in a year.

Rick Perry Hosts Republican Social Media Retreat

On Jan. 23, bloggers learned the tools of the trade at the Perry 2010 Blogger Summit featuring Andrew Breitbart, Gov. Rick Perry, and others.

Rick Perry's Blogger Summit featured big-name speakers, social media strategizing and a chance to shoot guns with the Governor. What it didn't feature: much talk about Texas.

Life of the Parties

Early voting in the Republican and Democratic primaries starts in three weeks, and the election is in five. While there are nearly 200 legislative races on the ballot, only a few are real contests. Here are the ones worth watching — as of now.

What Texas Should Do About Its Water Shortage

The reality is that no matter how many new dams and wastewater treatment projects we build in Texas, the essential components of our hydrologic system are our watersheds and recharge zones. If we lose their vital functions, we won’t be able to build enough water infrastructure to meet our needs.

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